Teaching Music is my passion, I always would like to share my ideas with my students and I enjoy making music together, and I enjoy making music together.
Over my 15+year teaching career, in Damascus and Amman National Music Institutes, I built my teaching philosophy which is based on the student’s goals.
What do you (the student) want to accomplish as a trumpet player? The focus is always on you and what you want to accomplish through your trumpet playing. Don’t know what your goals are yet? No problem! I can help you with that.
In addition to the classical, pop and jazz music, I also teach music from the Middle East for beginners and professional trumpeters.

Online trumpet lessons are also available (Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whats- app).

Rani Elias
Music is my first language to communicate

I believe that music can be the best way to deliver your message and your feeling.