Workshop Middle-Eastern Music

Op donderdagavond 14 oktober van 19.30-21.00 een gratis open les voor alle belangstellenden in het Floreshuis– Groningen.

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Midden-Oosterse Muziek

24 and 25 May 2019 in Berlin.

Syriac Music on the Trumpet

How to play the Quarter tone on the normal trumpet without any extra valves?

Six new musical modes (Maqams), in addition to the major and minor.

More than 72 new musical scales.

The roots of the Syriac music (the music of the Syriac Orthodox Church) go back to the music of the ancient Assyrian-Babylonian civilization in Mesopotamia, which has a rich and ancient musical tradition. This music became through the centuries a basis for the main Middle-Eastern music scales used so far in the Middle East.

What is the Syriac music?

The trumpet has the capabilities to play different genres of music, and here we will be talking about the need to introduce the trumpet into the world of Middle Eastern music. How to play quarter-tone pitches on the normal trumpet without any extra valves? We will be talking about six new musical modes (Maqams), in addition to the major and minor (in all, there are more than 72 new musical scales). What could be our materials to improvise on these new scales?

The aims of this workshop are:

Introduce European trumpeters to Syriac music styles and structure.

Show Assyrian and Middle-Eastern musicians, especially trumpet players, how the normal trumpet can be used in their own music.

Help European trumpeters develop acute listening skills through the study of quarter tones, so improving their intonation.

Provide some ideas for trumpet players to improve their ability to play and perform contemporary music containing quarter-tone pitches.
The class will be held in English. All brass players are welcome (trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn).