Rani Elias

Trumpeter & Music Teacher

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Music is my first language to communicate

What can you expect from Rani?

Playing Trumpet

In 2018, I received a Master’s degree in Classical music from Prins Claus Conservatorium- Groningen. Since June 2016, I was a guest in thr Netherlands Wind Ensemble (NBE) in het Muziekgebouw – Amsterdam, I played with the Syrian Big Band in the North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam), International Jazz days…


Teaching Music is my passion, I always would like to share my ideas with my students and I enjoy making music together, and I enjoy making music together.Over my 19+year teaching career, in Damascus and Amman National Music Institutes, and by different music schools in The Netherlands, I built my…

Middle Eastern Music

To apply click here under Syriac Music on the trumpet. How to play the quarter tone on the normal trumpet without any extra valves. Six new musical modes (Maqams), in addition to the major and minor. More than 72 new musical scales. A short summary:The trumpet has been with us for…


Rani Elias Born in Northeast Syria, he used to sing, dance and play Syriac music on the trumpet.In September 2019 Rani and Karoun won The UAF- Award and they were the stars of the year 2019 in The Netherlands. In 2018, Rani received a Master’s degree in Classical music from…

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